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Services and Recommendations 

Below is a list of services performed at Tristate Total Car Care

Oil change and lubrication service 

Synthetic Oil change service 

Scheduled Major Service Maintenance 

Cooling system service 

Transmission Service 

Brake Work 

Suspension/ Steering Service 

Air Conditioner Service 

Wheel Alignment 

New York State Inspections 

Brake fluid flush 

Power steering flush 

Fuel injection / Air induction service

Tire rotation and Wheel Balance 

Engine oil system flush 

Belts and hoses 

Timing Belts 

Cabin Filters 

Driveline Service 

Fall and Spring Check-Ups 

Engine performance analysis 

Engine Repair 

Electrical accessories; Battery, 

Alternator, Starter 


Remanufactured Engines & Transmissions


Performing Periodic Required Maintenance
Will Lower the Total Cost of Owning Your Automobile

Services and Recommendations 
Below is a list of services performed at Tristate Total Car Care

? Oil change and lubrication service ? Recommended every 4,000 miles 

? Synthetic Oil change service ? Recommended every 7,500 miles 

? Scheduled Major Service Maintenance ? 
           Follow manufacturers schedule (usually every 30,000 miles) 

? Cooling system service ? Recommended every 3 years or 30,000 miles 

? Transmission Service ? Recommended every 30,000 miles 

? Brake Work ? Complete inspection recommended once a year 

? Suspension / Steering Service ? Inspection recommended once a year 

? Air Conditioner Service ? Recommended once a year, 
                                                         before the start of the summer 

? Wheel Alignment ? Recommended once a year 

? New York State Inspections Required once a year (State Law) 

? Brake fluid flush ? Recommended every 30,000 miles 

? Power steering flush ? Recommended every 30,000 miles 

? Fuel injection / Air induction service ? Recommended every 30,000 miles 

? Tire rotation and Wheel Balance ? Recommended every 8,000 miles 

? Engine oil system flush ? Recommended every 50,000 miles 

? Belts and hoses ? Usually recommended every 4 years 

Timing Belts ? Recommended every 60,000 or 90,000 miles 

? Cabin Filters ? Recommended every 12,000 to 15,000 miles 

? Driveline Service ? Usually recommended every 30,000 miles 
? Fall and Spring Check-Ups 

? Engine performance analysis 

? Engine Repair 

? Electrical accessories; Battery, Alternator, Starter 

? Tires 

? Detailing 

? Remanufactured Engines and Transmissions

Synthetic Oil & Lubrication Service ? Recommended every 7,500 miles.




Major Service Maintenance:
Following Manufacturers Schedule every 30,000 miles

 Below is a general list of a typical Major Service: Road test vehicle and evaluation Change oil and filter Engine Tune-up; spark plugs, plug wires, distributor cap and rotor Cooling system service Brake fluid flush Transmission service Driveline service Replace fuel filter Replace cabin air filter Replace air filter Rotate tires, check wheel balance Inspect brakes, steering and suspension Power steering fluid flush Test on-board computer system Test Oxygen sensor (replace if worn) Replace PCV valve Engine performance testing: including fuel injection Inspect belts, hoses, lights, tire pressure and fluid levels Test operation of heating system Add oil supplement to engine and fuel system cleaners to fuel tank Service battery and battery cables Test battery, starter and alternator Timing belt (usually required at 60,000 or 90,000 miles)

[Note] We follow the manufacturer's requirements and recommendations when performing major services. Every car make and model will have different maintenance requirements.Typical mileage intervals are every 30,000 miles. The benefits of a properly maintained vehicle will increase the overall performance, lower emissions, increase fuel economy and prolong the life of your vehicle. Performing periodic required maintenance will lower the total cost of owning your automobile 

Cooling system service – Recommended every 3 years or 30,000 miles 

A cooling system service includes the following: inspect all hoses, belts; pressure 
[Note] The protection-ability of antifreeze deteriorates overtime. 
Changing the antifreeze will help prevent premature failure of the radiator and water pump.

 Transmission Service – Recommended every 30,000 miles 

Our transmission service entails adding a cleaner to the transmission fluid and completely clean all internal transmission components; replace all transmission fluid; add transmission conditioner; check for leaks; inspect shift cable and all linkages (adjust as necessary); road test vehicle. For vehicles used for towing or hauling we recommend every 15,000 miles. This service preserves the 
[Note] Transmission fluid, as other fluids, deteriorates overtime. Modern transmissions produce tremendous heat, which turns the normally red clean transmission fluid to a burned brown color

 Brake work – Complete Inspection recommended once a year

We offer complete front and rear brake service work using only the highest quality brake parts at a competitive price. We also diagnose Anti lock brake problems. 

 Suspension / Steering Service – Inspection recommended once a year 

A routine inspection will reveal worn components and problems. Included in our suspension inspection are the shock absorbers, struts and springs. We offer a complete line a quality replacement parts for steering and suspension repair.
[Note] As steering and suspension components wear, the ride and handling can deteriorate. In addition, tire wear can result. 

Air Conditioner Service – Recommended once a year, before the start of summer 

This performance tests includes: checking system pressures; inspect air conditioner condenser and radiator cooling fan operation, inspect all air conditioner components for wear, leaks and proper operation. Evacuate and recharge system if needed. We will also add a leak detection dye if an air conditioner system leak is suspected. 
[Note] We highly recommend an air conditioner performance test each year before the start of the summer season 

 Wheel alignment – Recommended once a year 

As part of our wheel alignment service, we will road test your vehicle, perform a complete steering and suspension inspection, check and adjust tire pressure. All alignment angles for both front wheels and rear wheels will be checked against manufactures specifications and adjusted if necessary. Proper wheel alignment will increase tire life plus maintain steering and braking performance. 
[Note] Potholes and normal wear and tear can cause wheels to become misaligned resulting in abnormal tire wear, pulling to one side and reduced steering performance. 

New York State Inspections – Required once a year ***State Law***

We perform both Safety and Emissions Inspections. Please call in advance when making appointments for State Inspections. Allow yourself at least a few weeks before your Inspection due date. 

Brake fluid flush – Recommended every 30,000 miles

Brake fluid flush involves removing and flushing the old brake fluid; perform complete brake inspection, inspect lines, brake hoses and fittings; install new fluid. Due the nature of antilock brake systems, 
this service is highly recommended. 
[Note] Brake fluid absorbs moisture over time, which can lead to premature brake component failure and problems with the antilock brake system.

Power steering flush – Recommended every 30,000 miles 

This service will help prevent wear to the steering gear and power steering pump. 
The procedure will completely flush all the power steering fluid; 
inspect all components for wear, 
leaks and proper operation; replace fluid and add conditioner. 

Fuel injection / Air Induction service – Recommended every 30,000 miles 

We use specially formulated chemicals to clean the intake manifold, throttle body, intake valves and fuel injectors; add fuel additive to fuel tank to help clean the fuel system and remove harmful carbon build-up. 
[Note] This service helps reduce emissions plus improve engine performance and maintain fuel economy.

Tire rotation and Wheel Balance – Recommended every 8,000 miles 

Tire Rotation and wheel balance prolongs the life of your tires 
                                                                            and maintains steering performance.

Engine oil system flush – Recommended every 50,000 miles 

Our power flush machine will thoroughly clean the internal components of your car's engine and remove the used oil along with the harmful sludge and impurities. Extend the life of your engine with our engine oil system flush. 
[Note] Traditional oil changes can leave as much as 20% of the used oil inside your engine. Over time, this can lead to sludge and varnish build-up, which can cause internal engine damage. 

Belts and Hoses – Usually recommended every 4 years 

Belts and hoses deteriorate over time and will need to be replaced. 
Replacing worn belts and hoses will prevent an unnecessary 
breakdown and avoid potential engine damage. 
[Note]We inspect your belts and coolant hoses 
                                     at every oil change service and major service.

 Timing belts – Recommended every 60,000 or 90,000 miles 

[Note] A timing belt is an internal engine belt, similar in appearance to a fan belt, which drives the engine's camshaft and often turns the water pump. Because of its design, this belt wears over time and will need to be replaced. If neglected, this belt will eventually break; leaving you stranded and may result in extensive, costly engine damage. Not all engines have timing belts. Your owners' manual should provide this information. If you cannot find this information, call or email us. We can let you know if your car has a timing belt and when it must be replaced.

Cabin Filters – Recommended every 12,000 to 15,000 miles 

[Note] The cabin air filter (also known as a “passenger compartment filter”) is designed to remove road dust, soot, gaseous odors, pollutants and other contaminants from entering your ventilation and air conditioning system. Cabin filters remove nearly 100 percent of air-borne particles and can dramatically improve the quality of air entering the passenger compartment. Unclean air can also cause allergic reactions, especially with allergy-sensitive people. Cabin air filters are of great benefit to drivers.


 Driveline Service – Usually recommended every 30,000 miles 

A driveline service entails changing the fluid in differentials, transfer case and manual transmission. 
[Note] The differential is also known as the drive axle. Two wheel drive vehicles are equipped with only one 
differential, either in the front or rear, which delivers power to the wheels. 
SUV's, all-wheel drive and four-wheel drive 
vehicles are equipped with both front and rear differentials. The transfer case, usually found on 
four-wheel drive trucks and some SUV's, distributes the power from the transmission to the 
front and rear axle assemblies. The fluids in the driveline, like all fluids, deteriorate over time. 
Changing the fluids when scheduled will reduce wear 
and prolong the life of the internal driveline components. All- wheel drive and four-wheel drive differentials 
work harder than conventional two wheel drive differentials. For these vehicles, servicing the driveline 
when scheduled is very important. Some car manufactures require more frequent changes for 
all-wheel drive and four-wheel drive vehicles: 12,0000 to 15,000 mile intervals. 

Fall and Spring Check-Ups Get your vehicle ready for the cold or warm weather. 

Our Check-Ups includes:
• Lube, Oil, Filter Service (up to 5 quarts oil) 
• Inspect Air filter 
• Tire Rotation/Check wheel balance 
• Brake & Chassis Inspection 
• Inspect belts, hoses, lights, wipers 
• Test battery and charging system 
• Inspect Cooling System 
• Inspect Exhaust System 
• Check Shocks and Struts 
• Check all fluid levels 
• Check wipers

Engine Performance Analysis 

Typical engine performance problems are as followed: hard start, stalling, no start, poor fuel economy, rough idle, power loss, and erratic transmission shifting. Dash warning lights, such as the “Check Engine” or “Service Engine”, are also indications of an engine malfunction, which may cause engine performance problems. 
[Note] Tristate Total Car Care has invested in all the latest test equipment to analyze modern, computerized vehicles. Plus, our technicians continuously attend training schools to keep pace with technology. 

Engine Repair 

Most car engines today are well constructed and with proper maintenance will last well over 200,000 miles. However, things can go wrong. We diagnose and repair mechanical engine problems and use only the highest quality engine replacement parts. Any abnormal engine noise, roughness or lack of power should be checked out immediately. Caught early, resolving a mechanical problem may prevent further extensive engine work.

 Electrical Accessories

We carry only top quality alternators and starters. Our starters and alternators come with a 2-year, 24-month warranty. 
We also stock a complete line of quality INTERSTATE batteries. All INTERSTATE batteries come with a 18-month free replacement warranty and are pro-rated to the remainder of the warranty period (usually 5 to 6 years). Original equipped batteries usually last 4 to 5 years. If your car's battery is more than four years old, it should be tested. 
We test batteries during a routine service at no charge. Or stop by any time for a free battery test. 
for your car can be confusing. Whether you drive a four-wheel drive Ford pickup truck or a front-wheel drive Volkswagen, our professional sales associates and service technicians are ready to help you with all your tire needs. And, you'll find our prices competitive. We offer a complete line of quality brand name tires: Michelin, Pirelli, Goodyear, BF Goodrich, Continental, Dunlop, General and more. In addition, with every set of tires you purchase (either 2 or 4) you will receive lifetime tire rotation and tire balance plus we will fix any flats for the life of the tires. As an added bonus, you will get $10.00 off a wheel alignment at the time of the tire purchase. You can also stop in at anytime to have the air pressure checked, free of charge.. 




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